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How do I Clean and Maintain my Vinyl Deck?

So, you’re researching decking options or have just had a new vinyl membrane installed on your deck. These maintenance tips will help you to keep your deck looking new for many years to come.
The only regular maintenance of your vinyl deck, other than general cleaning, is an annual inspection.

– Check all areas where sealants have been applied to areas where the decking membrane is in junction with the building, posts, columns, vents and drains. Often the areas where this sealant is applied will expand/contract, shrink or shift causing the sealant to crack, thereby breaking the seal.
– Check all seams to make sure there are no openings. Although unusual, seams can open allowing water to penetrate the vinyl deck. When discovered early, repairing seams is an easy repair. Contact us to have these repairs done quickly.

General Cleaning
Your vinyl deck should be cleaned a minimum of four times per year. More often if acid rain or
airborne pollution are a problem in your area. A general cleaning of your deck surface consists of some warm soapy water and a stiff broom. Scrub the deck in a circular motion to loosen off any dirt, then spray the deck clean with a standard garden hose. For tough stains please consult these cleaning recommendations from A to G for progressively tougher to remove stains:

A: Diluted soapy water, soft brush/water rinse/dry
B: Fantastik spray cleaner or Cascade powdered dishwasher detergent/diluted
(only a few minutes) water rinse/dry
C: One (1) tablespoon vinegar to one (1) quart water/water rinse/dry
D: For Caulking – Wipe or scrape off excess (chill gum with ice)
E: Follow instructions of staining agent manufacturer
F: Apply Naval Jelly/water rinse/dry
G: Rub on citrus based hand cleaner, wait 3 to 5 minutes/ water rinse/dry

1. Always test an unseen area of vinyl before cleaning stain.
2. All cleaning methods should be followed by a thorough rinse of water.
3. Avoid applying cleaners in direct hot sunshine.
4. Certain household cleaners, powdered abrasives, steel wool and industrial cleaners can cause damage and discolouration and are not recommended. These products will remove the top coat, UV inhibitors and printed pattern, thus damaging the sundeck.
5. Please be aware that some products such as suntan lotion and some permanent marker inks contain dyes that can cause permanent staining.

With these notes as a reference you vinyl decking will last 20 years or more and continue to look its best. Contact Cloak – Vinyl Decks and Aluminum Railings

Thanks for reading and remember to call us or send our information along to others for any decking needs.

-Justin C.
Cloak – VDAR | Owner