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Aluminum Deck Railings

Looking to save some money on your vinyl deck costs? 

This tip could get you a cheaper price. 

Vinyl comes (for the most part) in 6 foot wide pieces. If your deck is, for example, 8 feet wide as many are, the one piece is going to fall 2 feet and a bit short from covering the entire deck. What often happens is that the contractor will order 2 pieces and trim the excess off and use it somewhere else or toss it, in this case that is 4 ft of waste. Depending on the length of your deck this cost of waste can really add up.

What you can do is ask you installer to utilize a ‘T-Seam’, as seen in the picture above. Essentially one 6 foot piece is cut straight down the centre to make 2, 3 foot pieces with the ends heat welded together to double the length. This technique can often save you a couple hundred dollars off the price tag and if its combined with the ‘flushed seam’ approach, the final look is very discrete.

I hope this information is of use to you and of course please contact Cloak for help with your project.

Aluminum Deck Railings and Canopies

We have built a reputation for installing railings and deck canopies that are safe and reliable. Our projects have ranged in various sizes, and we have worked with both residential and commercial clients.

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